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Reporter Rudely Interrupts Trump’s Speech… Donald Responds With 100% Class!

Monday evening, while appearing on CNN, Jorge Ramos of Univision accused Donald Trump of “spreading hate” towards illegal immigrants because he believes that the United States-Mexico border should be secured.

During his segment, Ramos blasted the Donald, stating that his proposed immigration policies were completely “wrong,” and that Trump is attempting to sell nothing but “empty promises.” Going further, he stated that everything the Republican presidential candidate is trying to sell the public is “false,” and alleged that Trump is the loudest voice of “hate” and “intolerance” in the United States.


Now that you have a little background, let’s fast forward to Trump’s event in Iowa Tuesday and how Ramos found himself paying for his words in a major way. During the early evening press conference in Dubuque, Ramos interrupted another reporter in an attempt to ambush Trump on immigration. As expected, Trump wasn’t having it.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump said. “Sit down. Sit down. Sit down!”

As Ramos pressed on, he became increasingly aggressive as he stated that he had “the right to ask a question.” Trump responded, “No you don’t. Go back to Univision,” before the reporter found himself being escorted out by security.

Twitter loved watching this democratic party supporter who only had one purpose: to be shown the door. Check out some of their reactions:

Now watch the video report here:

I thought Trump handled it professionally and even allowed Ramos back into the room to ask his question. What do you think about the exchange. Share your thoughts below in the comment section.





  1. Juan Two Three says:

    Damn right, throw the ILLEGAL ALIEN OUT of the news conference! If he doesn’t know how to act or follow a protocol throw the wet-back OUT! What, because he is a friggin Mexican he thinks HE can interrupt the other news people?? “F” him!! Check him out and deport the skinny bastard if ILLEGAL!

    Very very classic Donald Trump! Don’t put up with B.S. !

  2. Elisiyona says:

    YEAH Trump 2016!!!

  3. Charles says:

    Presidential material need to be adept with clatter from the peanut gallery; security being better trained with such matters. Trump’s inability, or unwillingness, to shut out peripheral noise will be greatly capitalized upon by others. HIs mistakes will be profound!

  4. Ranger says:

    Jorge Ramos is the epitome of a “DIC”… “Dangerous Injustice Collector.” People in general have tired of his one-theme rant regarding immigration reform.
    He was rude and disrespectful last night. Trump ought to have an opportunity to role our his immigration plan before being pounced by DIC’s like Ramos.
    If Ramos really cared about immigration reform…. why isn’t he pouncing on Obama? After all, the Emperor still has how many months to go?
    Also, even when Obama had control of both houses, he didn’t do anything about immigration reform right? So Ramos, go back to Univision and
    cry your hypocritical tears somewhere else!

  5. Emerso says:

    Donald Trump has been evading Jorge Ramos for interviews and questions about immigration. You know Donald Trump was not going to give Jorge Ramos an opportunity to ask him questions. Donald Trump should handle it like a man, and set aside his anger because Univision cancelled his Miss Universe business. Who would want a president that goes around insulting people from all walks of life.

  6. Mary says:

    Ramos was having a tantrum when facing truth. He showed nothing but his ego and if he were my kid, he’d definitely be put in a room far away. That sort of behavior from an adult is inexcusable. So Ramos, it is time for you to face another truth.

    1. Emerso says:

      Yeah, because Donald Trump is such a big example of morals and education himself. What a big joke Trump is.

    2. Patricia says:

      That sort of behavior from an adult (?)Trump is inexcusable. He is so unprofessional. How could he possibly be the President of the United State? It makes me cringe to think about that . In fact, looking at him makes me cringe. He s just an ignorant a~~!!!

      1. Ranger says:

        you wrote “how could someone like that be President of the United States”? Really? This after Barack Hussein Obama was elected by a massive number of LIV’s (low information voters)? So do the math. At least Trump has some work experience… unlike the community organizer who grew his electoral base on people’s anger and emotions (all the DIC’s of Chicago)… Dangerous Injustice Collectors like Jarrett, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. etc.