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This Republican Governor Just Turned His Back On The GOP And I’m Pissed!

Trump Endorsement

Something is going on with the number of prominent GOP Congressmen and Governors coming forth publicly to say they are not voting for Donald Trump. Something about this isn’t kosher. The Maryland Governor, my governor, Larry Hogan, just announced yesterday he wasn’t going to vote for Trump.

Have you ever in your entire life seen so many prominent members of one political party running away from their presumptive presidential nominee? This is fast becoming a monotonous daily pattern.

Masks are OFF time and time again. GOP “leaders” are in “bed” with Democrats and make their choices based NOT on the voters’ choice, but on their agenda paid for by their “masters” called DONORS. Let me remind you, Hogan is a freshman governor, and it will be his first and last term in his life.

From Washington Post:

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said emphatically Wednesday that he does not plan to vote for Donald Trump, his party’s presumptive — and divisive — presidential nominee.

Although the first-term governor has repeatedly said he does not support Trump, he had never before stated whether he would vote for him in the general election.

During a visit to Prince George’s County on Wednesday, Hogan answered the question directly.

“No, I don’t plan to,” Hogan said when asked whether he would cast a ballot for Trump. “I guess when I get behind the curtain I’ll have to figure it out. Maybe write someone in. I’m not sure.”

Hogan was elected in 2014 with support from Democrats and independents. He is extremely popular across party lines in Maryland, where Republicans backed Trump in the April presidential primary by large margins.

The governor last year endorsed GOP contender Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey and a close friend. After Christie left the race and endorsed Trump, Hogan pronounced himself “disgusted with national politics” and said he would not pick another candidate to publicly support.

It looks like we have another anti-American. It’s becoming apparent that these people who hate Trump are working for the international community. Not America. All they talk about is foreigners and how to please them. All they are worried about is what Muslims or Mexicans think. You never hear any of them talk about what middle America, the private sector or white America wants. It’s all about everything and everyone except that.

Every time I see a Republican NOT supporting Donald Trump, I hope the people who voted for them in their state take notice as I have.

We the people across this country has made it clear who we want. If you are not going to support your party why do you call yourself Republican?

I might not be popular in Maryland after I write this but if the governor can publicly walk away from the GOP and he’s supposed to be a Republican, I can walk away from his reelection chances and say it publicly.

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