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It’s Official! Here’s Who WON The Wisconsin Primary!

GOP Convention
Another Tuesday and another primary. This time in the beautiful and cheesy state of Wisconsin!

Tonight has big consequences for the Republican candidates moving forward:
Cruz needed a big win in order to keep the fight going until the convention in June.
For Trump, a win would solidify him as the nominee and help him avoid a contested convention vote.

Cruz has been leading polls in the state for quite some time, but this week a poll dropped showing Trump with a significant lead.

So all expectations have been thrown out the door. Tonight is a big night. And here are the results!

According to Fox News, TED CRUZ has won the Wisconsin primary!

Stay tuned as the GOP race continues to unfold!

Who are you voting for? Share your favorite candidate in the comments!



  1. Burnel says:

    Bear with me here. These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish…..and Offences against the Law of Nations.
    We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. I mean didn’t we just overthrow a tyrannical king. Yes we should know the powers of this new
    OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.
    Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why is Cruz in this presidential race? NEITHER are natural born citizens.

    Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

    this woman makes it quite simple and easy to understand: