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Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Offers The Best Foreign Policy Against Terrorists – EVER

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters offered what may be the best advice you’ll ever hear on how to deal with terrorists.

The Washington Free Beacon provides the clip, referring to it as Peters entering Beast Mode.

Beast Mode does not disappoint…

Peters’ advice deserves repeating, so here is the transcript:

Peters:  The way you deal with Islamic State (ISIS), these bloodthirsty, blood-drunken terrorists is to kill them.  Keep on killing them until you kill the last one.  Then you kill his pet goat.  That’s how you deal with them.

We interviewed one pet goat who wished to remain anonymous.  But he did offer this comment…


This has to go down as the single greatest piece of advice for dealing with terrorists in the history of mankind.  It is the kind of anger you’d hope to see from your military leaders, in light of the recent horrific beheading of James Foley.



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  2. Theodore says:

    It’s Lt. Col.

    I agree with killing every terrorist, their kith and kin. Keep killing until they are all dead. Try to avoid killing their pet goat.

  3. Kenneth says:

    First of all it is Lt Col Peters. Since the president can’t figure out what to do, he should go to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and tell him to take care of it. He knows what to do.

  4. Joe says:

    THAT IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT “”mr: OBOMO, kill them all. the end

  5. Dennis says:

    The World is Satan’s War Zone, Hard to Win with Him Around and His Follower’s His Time isn’t Up Yet Revelation 20:1 – 4

  6. Connie says:

    That is sure correct !

  7. Kevin says:

    Jim is absolutely right! All is fair in “love and war” and these Jihadists
    idiots have a stake in “death” due to their own lack of morality,and misgiven, unjustified, sick, thinking. Would YOU EVER, as an American condone such action, ket alone DO IT! No action of war is unjustified given the circumstances. It’s time , and well past due, to quit being “politically correct”, and smack down these people hard.

  8. mzungu says:

    Beast Mode? Why do we have to label everything with drama? Just do whatever it takes to do the right thing. If I do my laundry I don’t call it Beast Mode I call it doing my laundry. Protect America and Americans it’s that simple. And if that means 1 megaton blast over Saudi Arabia then do that.
    And goats? Goats are creepy looking with their eye slits and freaky teeth. Reminds me of Middle-Eastern women and their black burkas, bless their little enslaved hearts.

    Sometime in the future when God has raptured the church and the 1,000 year reign is over with then the dead will be called up with a new body and judged. The sheep will go to Christ’s right and the goats to the left. This will be the 2nd death. And the beast, who is Satan, and the false prophet who is Mohammed, together with all the goats will be throw into Hell forever where there is eternal darkness, heat and screaming. You might be among them. Try to avoid that.

  9. Jim says:

    My idea for getting remaining Americans back

    Line up ALL GITMO PRISONERS nu,mber them 1 to whatever pull 4 numbers blow those 4 brains out tell ISIS they have 24 hours to return all western prisoners. In 24 hours is not done repeat but kill 8 and gve 12 hours in 12 hours if not meet kill 16 give 6 hours ect. either we get them all back or we kill all the terroist in gitmo either way a win. No release of gitmo no matter what.

  10. Morrie says:

    Sir you said the same thing that I have said for a while now and that is to kill them all leave no one alive, they need to be exterminated like the rats they are. They are a cancer and the only way to deal with a cancer is to cut it out.

  11. Bonnie says:

    The goat might not be the terrorist “pet”. Miight be his wife or child. Remember, they are Barbarians!

  12. Jerry says:

    He said it like it should be done.

    1. Mary says:

      Except for the goat. Leave the poor animal alone. I don’t care what is done to the terrorist.

  13. Luther says:

    I think you are in error, I believe Ralph Peters is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, there is quite a difference between the two ranks. Your story refers to him as retired Army Lieutenant.