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Retired NFL Player Tells Disadvantaged Kids They Have 80 Seconds in a Toy Store to…

Here’s a story to help get you into the Christmas spirit: Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson recently spent a boatload of his own money on Christmas gifts for children. His nonprofit The Andrew Johnson Foundation holds an annual event, and this year, the group sponsored 80 second shopping sprees for 11 kids who were in Texas’ Child Protective Services. The kids were allowed to grab as many toys as they could during the shopping spree and also received a bike and a gaming system.

This is a very sweet gesture, but surely people have a limit on how much they can spend, right? Wrong!

This year’s toy bill was almost $20,000! After the kids picked out their toys, Andre got to the register and saw the number on the receipt: $19,144.58.

Anyone who knows kids knows they only need five seconds to pick out all the toys they want.

“When you grow up in certain situations you kind of understand,” Andre says in the video below. “There were times when I was not able to get what I wanted for Christmas. So I know that a lot of kids don’t get what they want for Christmas. This idea was brought to me and I just kind of took it and ran with it.”

How awesome would it be if EVERY celebrity did things like this?

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H/T Little Things