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One of the first arguments offered against mass refugee resettlement is that it could allow for ISIS members to slip through the cracks posing as refugees. Europe opened up the floodgates to refugees, while America took a more restrained approach. (America only took in 10,000, while Europe took millions.)

And what happened? Within months of their open-borders policy, the ISIS massacre at France’s Bataclan theater was carried out. It was learned not long after that the men had entered Europe posing as refugees.

If we really wanted to help refugees, why not fund their resettlement into countries that share their culture? It costs more than twelve times as much to resettle a refugee in the Western World than in the Middle East.

Hillary Clinton wanted to increase the number of refugees we’d be bringing by an astounding 550%. Considering what ISIS just released as their strategy to enter the Western World, we should thank God (but not Allah) that she was Trumped.

Regardless, the fact that IS terrorists have slipped into the continent with hundreds of thousands fleeing from war in the Middle East is nothing new, says Susanne Schröter, expert on Islamic terrorism at Frankfurt University. “This was known since the beginning. I warned about such a possibility even before there were any examples of terrorists slipping in,” she told DW.

“This is because IS announced that it would send attackers to the continent through the route which refugees were taking. At the time, politicians denied this,” she added, referring to over 1 million refugees from Syria and Iraq, who landed in Europe last year. The situation in European countries like Germany, which took in over 840,000 refugees in 2015, was difficult. Border controls had to be given up and many of those coming in could not be registered by authorities properly, compounding the problem, Schröter said.

The steady flow of refugees at the time also unleashed a sequence of violent attacks against asylum seekers, especially in the states of former East Germany. “Our leaders thought, if we now admit that there could be terrorists among refugees, then it would serve as fodder for right-wing populists and lead to more anti-migrant feelings. So they played it down, but ultimately that was not the right thing to do,” the analyst said.


If this is how they’re planning on entering Europe, why wouldn’t we believe this is the exact strategy they’d use to enter America, too?

It’s about time we have a President who isn’t going to play directly into the hands of our enemy.