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Revealed — Is This Why President Putin Keeps Beating Obama?

From the Middle East to the Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is striding the world stage like a master strategist … while President Obama preens in his latest magazine photo shoot.

But this amazing new theory might explain why poor Obama can’t hope to match Putin’s skill … he’s just too young.

Putin, if the wags on social media are to be believed, is immortal!

The joke started earlier this year when someone posted an image they’d taken during a museum tour in Europe:

putin 1

Take a look at those steely eyes … is that┬áPutin during his days as a 19th century despot? The resemblance in uncanny.

The theory snowballed from there, and now the internet is stuffed full of historic images of men who look suspiciously like the current Russian president:

putin 2

Creepy, or coincidence? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments section below.