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Rick Perry Just Revealed The TRUTH About Chris Kyle!

For some unknown reason, the Left has decided to attack Chris Kyle in the days leading up to Memorial Day. Among the accusations thrown at him, including “Stolen Valor” (apparently leftists don’t know what stolen valor is), and alleging he fabricated the events in American Sniper.

Luckily, sane America has rushed to his defense, and perhaps the most prominent to defend Kyle’s record is former Texas Governor Rick Perry. He penned a piece at FOX News today, reading:

In a stunning display of inadequate research, slanted interpretation of valid data and some overly dramatic language, The Intercept, little more than a click-hungry website, took aim at the reputation of a bona fide American hero. Unfortunately, more mainstream publications lofted their accusations into the national consciousness with little thought.

The guiding premise of the article was that Chris Kyle, known to a grateful nation as its best-ever sniper in multiple combat zones, was a liar. The writer’s assertion is that Kyle laid claim to more medals than the military had awarded him for his valor in combat. At issue was a disparity between Kyle’s account in his book, “American Sniper,” records obtained from a seemingly indifferent Navy through a Freedom of Information Act request and Kyle’s official DD-214. The first mentioned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, the Navy recalled one Silver Star and 3 Bronze Stars and the DD-214 credited him with TWO Silver Stars and SIX Bronze Stars.

If there is any inaccuracy in Kyle’s account it’s that he didn’t take ENOUGH credit for his awards.

As any veteran will tell you, a DD-214 is THE definitive record of a person’s time in the military, used to prove the authenticity, duration and character of said service.  The official name for the form is Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty and veterans learn early on to keep a copy handy. In separation briefings, service members are carefully coached to review it thoroughly because, once it’s filed, it’s filed.

This article is part of a disturbing trend in the left-leaning press to undermine the heroism of men and women who are willing to risk their lives in the defense of our nation’s freedom.

As Perry continues, this is hardly the first time the Left has attacked fallen soldiers as a proxy to attack the military:

My good friend, Marcus Luttrell, known to many as the Lone Survivor for his experiences on a hilltop in Afghanistan, has also been a target of similarly unscrupulous reporting.

For Viet Nam-era veterans, this casually gleeful character assassination is an unpleasant reminder of a time when our military was attacked and undermined by critics on the left.

Perhaps it’s a byproduct of nearly eight years of an arch-liberal in the Oval Office combined with an American population increasingly disconnected from the men and women who serve in the military.

Judging by the popularity of Kyle’s book (and the movie adaptation) alone, I think it’s clear that most Americans aren’t buying the nonsense the Left is spewing.

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