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RIP: 8-Year Old Boy Made Honorary Police Officer, is Now Laid to Rest as One (VIDEO)

Joey Fabus, an eight-year-old boy from Pennsylvania, fought an inoperable brain tumor before he eventually lost his battle. Now, the same police station in Bethel Park which made him an honorary police officer last summer will oversee his funeral.

“Some of his last words to me were, ‘Will I get Better?’ At that moment I knew he would be gone soon and the only thing I could tell him was ‘Joe, you’ll be better than all of us!’ And now he is, he’s having the time of his life with the sister and grandparents he only knew by pictures we showed him, stories we told him, by the personal traits he saw in everyone who knew them and by what we talked about them all as he helped me rebuild and flower their gravesites.”

via WPXI

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