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Trump has been declared as the winner of Indiana, Ted Cruz is out, and nobody knows what the heck John Kasich is doing at this point. There is no longer any hope for a contested convention – while it was conventional wisdom that there would be one until last night.

The primaries are over, and we’re in for Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Want proof? The Republican National Committee Chairman has declared it.

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee and it is time for the party to rally around him, RNC chairman Reince Priebus declared on Twitter Tuesday night.

He sent the tweet just minutes after Sen. Ted Cruz finished his speech announcing he was leaving the race — a speech in which Cruz called for unity, but did not mention Trump’s name.

Priebus wrote: “.@realDonaldTrump will be presumptive @GOP nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating @HillaryClinton #NeverClinton”

The campaign of John Kasich, who has not suspended his run for president and Tuesday night said it would continue, disputed Priebus’ statement on Twitter and vowed to keep fighting.


Kasich shrugged it off, stating “Appreciate @Reince & his hard work for @GOP, but until someone has 1,237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. CA here we come,” but it’s a lost cause. Kasich cannot mathematically stop Trump from obtaining 1,237 delegates before the convention.

Game over.

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Comments on “After Trump Won Indiana, RNC Chairman Made A SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT! BREAKING NEWS”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Kasich still has his fingers crossed. After all, he showed how well he could work with the Democrats by agreeing to accept, on behalf of Ohio, thousands of Islamic/Muslim/Syrian refugees, with no security clearance. See how good he is at reaching across the aisle. It is easy to get along with Democrats. Just give them their way. If you don’t you will be labeled an obstructionist.