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Rob Lowe’s Hilarious Obama Takedown



Actor Rob Lowe isn’t one for keeping his political opinions to himself, but his remarks last week on Twitter were some of the most retweeted I’ve ever seen — and for good reason.

The political and foreign policy world is abuzz over news that Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is planning a stateside visit to the United States, addressing a joint session of Congress, but was denied a meeting with the President himself. Israel, our greatest ally in the Mideast, has felt quite the cold shoulder during the Obama presidency, with the slights against it too numerous to count at this point.

The President’s time is valuable, or so we’re led to believe. Lowe isn’t buying it. He pointed out the irony in two tweets:

In a similar vein, the President will be sending a representative (rumored to be Vice President Joe Biden) to the funeral of the King of Saudi Arabia, an infamous violator human rights, but couldn’t be bothered to do the same for a rally in the streets of Paris after two Islamist terror attacks there this month. If nothing else can be said for this White House, it’s clear where its priorities lie.

Comment below! What do you think the President will be doing instead of meeting with Netanyahu?