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Robbers Attempt to Hold Up Gun Store… BAD MOVE!

If more guns meant more crime, you’d think every mass public shooting would be occurring at a gun show. Those of us who reside in reality know that isn’t the case… for quite an obvious reason. I don’t think a mass public shooting would last more than two seconds at a gun show. It would be a perfect way for someone with a death wish to turn themselves into Swiss cheese.

One would-be robber attempted to pull off the next best thing: robbing a gun store.

And how do you think it turned out? About as obviously as you’d expect.

Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery Monday morning, when an employee at the Cobb County gun shop confronted them and shot one dead at the scene, Cobb County police said.

The two men entered Dixie Gun and Pawn at 11 a.m. and attempted to rob the business.

A store employee happened to be armed and exchanged gunfire with the men, striking one of them. The robbery suspect died at the scene, police said.

The other suspect fled on foot. Police said Monday afternoon they have no information about him.

The worker was not injured and the case remains under investigation.

H/T LiveLeak

Regardless of your position on the theory of evolution, I think we can all agree this was Darwinism in action.

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  1. Gerald D says:

    Short, sweet, and to the point….

  2. Louis says:

    DAH, a gun store is not a gun free zone where you can take over with a gun!? Nice job, gun store person!

  3. Wiley says:

    Appears to be justified self defense; hope the owner/employee is not prosecuted.