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Robbery Suspect Crashes Vehicle into the Wrong Woman

A high speed chase in Texas came to a shocking end when a robbery suspect crashed his vehicle into the minivan of a woman now being proclaimed as a ‘mama bear.’

The woman got out of her vehicle and dropped the suspect, holding him until police arrived.

She was pleasantly surprised due to her efforts – a local Kia dealership gave her a brand new vehicle.

Via the Blaze:

The Texas “mama bear” who made headlines after ripping a car chase suspect from his vehicle Wednesday was left stunned Thursday afternoon by the generosity of a local Kia dealership.

Jessica Liesmann was previously commended by authorities for helping Dallas police put an end to a high-speed car chase. The drama, which unfolded on live television and stunned newscasters, showed her slam the man on the pavement and detain him until police arrived on the scene.

Liesmann, however, was left with a significantly damaged vehicle — at least until Southwest Kia in Mesquite stepped up to the plate.

The “mama bear” arrived at the dealership thinking she was going to receive a free loaner car to drive for a while, but the local business had something else in mind.

The dealership presented her with three brand new cars and asked her to pick one to keep.

Liesmann picked a Kia Sedona van, valued at approximately $35,000.

The dealership also gave her a giant stuffed teddy bear for Valentine’s Day.

Watch the incredible coverage of the live police chase below…

It’s nice to see a local business reward a citizen who does something as extraordinary as Liesmann did when confronted with a dangerous criminal.

What did you think of this “mama bear’s” efforts?