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This Family’s Path to God Wasn’t an Easy One


This is part two in a series of Kay Robertson’s I Am Second testimony of her family’s journey to Christianity.

In the first half of Miss Kay’s story detailing the roots of her faith, she explained how hitting rock bottom helped her find her faith. But, Phil wasn’t so eager to change. He continued his wild ways, eventually demanding Kay and the boys leave.

“I wanted it noted, I didn’t leave you, you kicked us out,” says Kay. “And I was thinking to myself, I’ll have to tell my Grandma in heaven that I tried to fight this marriage out but he kicked us out. So, what can I do?”

Kay and the boys kept praying that their family would be reunited. The boys missed their father and Kay missed her husband. And then one day, Phil showed up wanting his wife and sons back. He was eager to change his life and turn to God. Kay immediately contacted an elder at her church and demand that he see Phil immediately.

Phil was baptized and changed his life. Phil put his sinful lifestyle behind him and made a “valiant attempt to be good.”

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H/T: I Am Second