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Romney’s No Square! Watch Him Don His Mittens to Box Former World Champ!

Is Mitt Romney the best president America never had?

He correctly predicted the rising threat of Russia (and got laughed at by the Ivy League “experts” as a result), warned against the collapse in the Middle East and, oh yeah, did the cutest Ice Bucket challenge last year.

Don’t believe me? Check it out in the video below:

And now we have final confirmation that Mitt is not the preppy, awkward, button-down plutocrat the Democrats told us he was, but actually a pretty awesome guy.

How awesome? Well, he just stepped into the ring with former Undisputed World Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield. And at 68 years-old, that’s pretty risky.

The two men squared off in Utah in support of charity. And while the result was never in doubt (Spolier Alert: Holyfield won. Come on, this isn’t a Rocky movie) Romney proved once again that he’s a better guy that the Washington smear merchants wanted us to believe.

Take a look at the entire fight below, and let us know what you think in the comments section: