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Rubio Has A Direct Message For Cruz And His Followers!

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Marco Rubio is hammering Ted Cruz as a calculated politician rather than a consistent conservative. Rubio said the establishment is not lining up behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump but instead is trying to defeat Cruz because they know he is an incredibly calculated individual.

Rubio has been very strong in recent days  at rallies and in interviews. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Rubio surges in Iowa and New Hampshire and surprises, everyone?

He seems calmer, less memorized, and more compelling.

I think he is going to move really up somewhere soon. Just a gut feeling.

Watch the interview here:

H/T: Youtube/Richard Geese
That’s a bombshell. Is Rubio trying to attach himself onto a vulnerable Cruz a few days before the Iowa caucuses?

Can Cruz weather this storm? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.