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Rubio Delivers Campaign Statement; Causes Twitter To Freak Out!


Sen. Marco Rubio just made an announcement that he didn’t want a position within the Donald Trump administration and if you read his words closely, he also threw a shot in. I don’t believe this is admirable.

Rubio, you were not my choice but I did support you for a while and I think you might have had a bright future but your words you typed up on Facebook (below) shows me you are really a little man when it comes to supporting the party.

Let this read on your resume; when the going got tough, you ran with your tails between their legs. If you don’t change your tune and get involved for America’s sake, it shows a lack of integrity. Sorry Marco, I thought you were much better than this.

Stand up and be a true American, swallow your pride.

From ABC News:

Former GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio publicly and unequivocally said today that he does not want to be considered as Donald Trump‘s running mate, writing in a post on Facebook that he still has reservations about Trump’s campaign and policies.

Trump will be “best served” by someone who fully embraces his campaign and his policies, he said in a post on Facebook.

“I have never sought, will not seek and do not want to be considered for Vice President,” he said in the Facebook post.
This is the first time Rubio has explicitly stated he does not want to be considered for vice president. Immediately after he dropped out of the race in March, he said he wasn’t going to be vice president and was planning on finishing out his Senate term.

“I have no intention of being vice president,” Rubio reiterated in an interview with Univision. “I have said it clearly.”

Dr. Ben Carson, who is responsible for vetting Donald Trump’s vice presidential choices spoke out on Rubio’s rejection of being considered for the position:

Here’s what twitter users had to say:

Well there you go. Too bad he tried to shortcut to the presidency. A decade in the Senate building a record of achievement would have been a real asset for a presidential run. Maybe he will run for governor of Florida and do the same.

I believe it would be an honor to be asked to be a Vice President to Donald Trump. Rubio may be thinking that Trump may not win, therefore, he would be considered an also-ran. I think Rubio would be a great Vice President and that this might just be the chance in a lifetime for him. The Vice President position would be a foot in the door (so to speak) for him.

H/T: Rubio Facebook, ABC News

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Comments on “Rubio Delivers Campaign Statement; Causes Twitter To Freak Out!”

  1. La says:

    Cubio… he’s done in politics. He’ll run for President every 4 years for the next 30 and lose every time. What a thin skin. He made the pledge, now he must support Trump. Trump extended an olive branch and he has refused to accept. Under President Trump the next 8 years, Marco will fade away.