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Rubio’s Foreign Policy Would Be Everything Obama’s Was Not


Responding to a question about what he’d do if the President finally managed to close Guantanamo Bay, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio wasted little time saying he would reverse the decision.

Via the Miami Herald:

If President Barack Obama manages to close Guantánamo prison, would-be GOP nominee Marco Rubio said Monday, a President Rubio would reopen it.

Rubio, talking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, said America needs an intelligence and detention center for interrogating suspected terrorists.

“If President Obama manages to close Guantanamo, would you reopen it?” Stephanopoulus asked.

“Absolutely,” Rubio quickly answered.

The Florida Senator explained that there “is tremendous value in capturing people that are enemy combatants, and from them being able to gain actionable intelligence.”

Rubio also reminded Stephanopoulus that a “significant percentage of (terrorists) have returned to the battlefield,” something he described as “atrocious.”

Watch Rubio’s pledge on Guantanamo below…

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

Rubio added that he’d not only open Gitmo back up, he’d expand it.

He also discussed Obama’s policies towards Cuba and Iran, saying “I would reverse every single one of the decisions that [Obama] made.”

Rubio currently serves on the Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees.

Do you agree with Rubio’s decision to reopen Guantanamo Bay and should the President succeed in closing it?