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I Can’t Believe The Judge Just Made THIS Ruling In The Bergdahl Case!

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All of this dragging by the government in the Bowe Bergdahl AWOL case is frustrating me to no end. Bergdahl must have been a cat in his former life because he sure has nine lives. I spent eight years in the military, six months in Operation Desert Storm/Sheild, and I never ever thought about doing what this traitor did.

This is starting to feel very much like the “investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s email use and mishandling of classified information. The Obama Administration has already declared Bergdahl to be a hero, so they will apply ever form of pressure on other peoples’ careers trying to shape the outcome. They are playing the same kinds of games between the Justice Department, State Department, and the FBI.

From Reuters:

Lawyers for U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who faces a potential life sentence for desertion while serving in Afghanistan, should have access to classified material to prepare his defense, a military appeals court has ruled.

Legal proceedings against Bergdahl, which had been halted pending a resolution of the classified material issue, can now resume, according to a ruling on Thursday by the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals that was made public late on Saturday by Bergdahl’s attorney, Eugene Fidell.

His defense asked for access to 300,000 pages of classified documents and on Feb. 2 a military judge ruled that the defense should have access to all classified information that the government may offer into evidence at trial.

The U.S. government appealed the ruling saying the judge had abused his discretion. The pre-trial proceedings were put on hold while the issue was being resolved.

“The stay on the trial proceedings imposed by this court is lifted,” the judges of the Army Court of Criminal Appeals ruled.

“It’s a technical matter but an important one having to do with cases involving how classified information is litigated,” Fidell said on Sunday.

Here’s the video report:

This is just a lawyer defensive tactic! He is finally being charged with leaving his post in wartime; that is enough since you cannot prove what happened with the Taliban. He did admit to walking off guard, abandoning his weapon and post, leaving his comrades open to attack. This is enough to get him shot in most armies! I will settle for that!

Many of my friends also see this as a joke, and he will be protected by Barack Obama’s cronies because if Bergdahl is convicted, it’s egg in Obama’s face for releasing five terrorists for this disgrace to the uniform. It’s kind of like people doing way less than Hillary Clinton and being convicted but Hillary being protected by Obama. That’s why Obama was so confident in his interview that she won’t be convicted.

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    wayne did not know you served thank you