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Rush Limbaugh’s BOMBSHELL THEORY About Why Jeb Bush is Running for President



Top conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is not pleased about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential announcement. After Bush announced he plans to “actively explore” a run in 2016, Limbaugh slammed him and explained his theory that the point of Jeb running is to dry up money and resources for conservative, Tea-Party supporters in the Republican party early:

 You want to know why Jeb Bush is thinking of running?  I’ll give you a possibility, including the fact he may want to be president, he may want to do this.  But he’s also being looked at as a savior by the big money donor class and the consultant class, the establishment of the party, to head off the Tea Party.

They’re gonna pull out all the stops to make sure that a Tea Party type conservative doesn’t get the nomination.  If that means somebody like Jeb — could be a sacrificial run just to make sure that a conservative doesn’t get the nomination in 2016. There’s a whole bunch of stuff under the surface here that percolating and effervescing, and it’s all about us being the number one enemy of these people.


Jeb Bush is out telling donors, potential donors, CEOs and the like that he is not gonna compromise his principles like others have in order to get the nomination.  Meaning, he’s not gonna pander to the Tea Party.  Nope.  He’s not gonna pander to conservatives.  He’s gonna show that you can win the Republican Party nomination without securing the base.  And one of the things that I think is really going on here, I think that the Republican Party — it’s true of both parties — the Republican Party is dominated now by what is called in the parlance of the day, the donor class.

via Rush Limbaugh

El Rushbo sees that donors are not pleased with the Tea Party, even though it was the same grassroots efforts that lead to an overwhelming Republican landslide during the last election.

Do you agree with Limbaugh that Jeb isn’t a serious candidate, but is instead out to destroy the Tea Party? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. rikosha says:

    Jeb Bush is no conservative. He is for a big government, is a big spender who is for amnesty and Common Core. He will do whatever the Chamber of crony Commerce tells him to do. Conservatives will not vote for him so he can not win. If you vote for him in the primary you are electing a democrat in the general election. That is what Rush is saying.

  2. Paul says:

    Jeb Bush has no chance of winning a Presidential election. With Both Father and Grand Father giving Mediocre performances as Presidents, and his father opening the boarder of Mexico, most people I know do not want a repeat performance of “The New World Order” We want out old country back, with American Values, no Mexican, Somali, Islamic. We want to be one people with Allegiance to the United States, respect for the culture, and speaking the English language. The Hell with the new world order, the United Nations trying to invoke third world infrastructure in the USA.

  3. Sandy says:

    I believe Rush is right on the money. We, grassroots conservatives (tea party) need to unite like Hans’t been done in decades. We, the middle class have the ability to commit to raising more money than ever. We must crush these corrupt diners, lobbyists, st al. We must be activists like never before.

  4. Benjamin says:

    I have always thought Rush was nothing but a big bag of wind, and I’m a republican conservative. My issue here is not why Jeb is running, it’s that the odds of him winning are slim to none. He needs to accept a VP run iff offered and allow Trey Gowdy run for President.

    1. Kathi says:

      I hope that fire in the belly that you mention Cathy blows up and he is no longer on the scene. second of all Benjamin you better do some research on 5 minute sound bite
      Trey Gowdy and the Mexican Electrical conglomerate that finances his campaign, and while you are at it do a little research on the legal counsel he appointed to his Benghazi committee, and while you are also at it if you are for Amnesty then I guess he is your man. When will you people wake up and do some research on these people. They are of the class of REPRESENTING DC and not the people who they lied to to get elected. Jeb bush is qualified to be the fema director and that is all, Trey Gowdy may be qualified to be appointed as Attorney General but that is even a stretch if you do your research.

  5. Cathy says:

    This is NOT the reason Jeb is considering running. It may be a side effect, but no fool would subject himself or herself to the horrendous ordeal of running for President without a genuine fire in the belly to be the leader of the free world.

  6. Vincent says:

    yes, he’s always right!!

  7. We are simply the largest of the Banana Republics. The only difference is that the masters have not gotten around to shooting us down in the streets….yet.

  8. Robert says: