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Rush Limbaugh Makes SHOCKING Prediction About The GOP’s Nomination Plans!

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It is no secret that the Establishment doesn’t care for Cruz or Donald Trump. They’ve been doing everything in their power to stop either one of them from winning the election.

But will the GOP do if Trump or Cruz are the final two candidates standing?

Rush Limbaugh has an idea

via Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh predicted today that if the Republican party successfully robs either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz of the nomination, Jeb Bush will end up being the GOP nominee.

No, seriously.

“If they succeed,” he argued, “I’m here to tell you Jeb Bush is gonna be the nominee. That’s what they’re gonna do. That’s what they’ve always wanted.”

He pointed out Bush’s past comments about losing the primary to win the general, which Limbaugh took to mean “Jeb’s gonna win the nomination without having to kowtow to Republican Tea Party base voters.”

Is Rush right? This seems a bit extreme, even for the Establishment, doesn’t it?

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Comments on “Rush Limbaugh Makes SHOCKING Prediction About The GOP’s Nomination Plans!”

  1. June says:

    I won’t vote for Jeb.