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BREAKING: Trump Just Scored A MASSIVE Victory Over Supreme Court!

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This is a huge surprise. Sen. Ted Cruz defended the GOP presumptive nominee against an attack from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

I’ve been saying for months now that Cruz would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice and I think that’s his calling. He’s more equipped to be a justice than a Senator, I truly believe that.

As it appears Trump and Cruz seem to be warming up to each other – no matter how slightly – I think it would be a good sign that Trump would consider him for that position.

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From Roll Call:

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, a former state solicitor general who has argued before the Supreme Court, called Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s criticisms of presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump “obviously inappropriate.”

In media interviews , Ginsburg called Trump a “faker” and despaired for the fate of the country if he were elected.

She should not be launching attacks at any presidential candidate,” said Cruz, who also criticized Trump as a competitor for the Republican nomination. “And Justice Ginsburg attacking Donald Trump was every bit as inappropriate as Barack Obama, during the State of the Union, falsely maligning the justices of the Supreme Court.”

It is yet another manifestation of this Supreme Court becoming more and more political,” Cruz said. “As unelected judges seize public policy issues that the constitution gives to elected legislatures, we see the Democratic authority of the people undermined.

“I think her comments are not the problem, they’re a symptom of the problem which is the politicization of the Supreme Court. We need justices who will be faithful to the law and constitution and not be political actors.”

It’s definitely time for Ginsberg to retire. This goes against everything her position is supposed to represent. I don’t deny she is entitled to an opinion but given her position, she MUST keep her mouth shut publicly!

Too bad the ‪#NeverTrump crowd can’t see that far out of their collective selfish egos to see the possibilities for their preferred candidate.

After the immense backlash following Ginsberg’s comments, the far-left justice finally issued an apology:

From Talking Points Memo:

Last week, Ginsburg told the Associated Press that she didn’t “want to think about” the possibility of Trump becoming president, adding that if he did, “then everything is up for grabs.”

She went even further in interviews with the New York Times — where she insinuated that she’d move to New Zealand if he was elected — and with CNN, where she called Trump a “faker” and bashed him for not releasing his tax returns.

Has Cruz turned the corner on his support for Trump or does he still have something brewing to take the nomination away from the presumptive nominee next week? Share your views below in the comment section.  Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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