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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Just Shared The Best News EVER!


If there is one thing I know about A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson it’s that she loves God and doesn’t hide it. Her spirit flows with a spiritual bond with Jesus Christ and she’s not afraid or ashamed to share the good news.

On Tuesday, Robertson shared an recent Instagram post where she stated

I am filled with ultimate joy,” Robertson wrote.

So many never reach that spot in their lives because they are always looking for it in the wrong vehicle, the wrong medium. Some use sexual relationships while others uses materialistic objects, but they never seem to last.

Robertson is a strong role model and I pray she stays humble and thoroughly grounded in your principles as they will take her a long way in life.

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From The Blaze:

Robertson wrote that she recently read “Looking for Lovely” by Annie Downs, and the book “challenged” her “to seek the beauty God has created around me, and within me.”

“Now because of what God showed me through that book I don’t see myself as the world sees me. I don’t even see the world I used to see it,” she wrote.

“People ask how do I remain myself through the midst of fame,” she continued. “My answer now with the help of a dear friend talking to me about this last night is that I was not made to be worshiped, but to worship.”

“I worship the God who made this creation we live in, and all the beauty in it. We are created to love people. How beautiful is that? We are made to LOVE. With my platform I get to love so many people I wouldn’t [have] met before. That is something to smile about!”

“That is how I have found the ultimate joy,” she concluded.

The “Duck Dynasty” star frequently uses her social media accounts to share messages of faith.

Robertson’s newfound joy follows her high-profile split from longtime boyfriend Blake Coward last month.

Watch Sadie have a great time with a young fan who totally amazed her with her Bible knowledge. Here’s a note, this young lady Emma who’s being interviewed by Sadie doesn’t know that much about worldly activities but she knows the Bible back and forth:

Sadie loves doing this with fans and it helps her get her spiritual message out to the masses. You can watch both of these young ladies and know they are 100 percent real.

H/T – The Blaze

What did you think of Sadie’s message about finding her joy? How did you like her interaction with a young fan and how they shared the word of God back and forth with each other? Share your comments below and add this great story to your Facebook and Twitter page.



  1. Alan says:

    The Love of Jesus Christ is reflected in the young lady. God Bless You, Sadie.

  2. Malissa says:

    God is Awesome! Thanks for sharing, God Bless!