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Ryan Lochte Gets Attacked On Dancing With The Stars…Sadie Robertson Speaks Out!

Sadie Robertson

On Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars” disgraced U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was nearly ambushed by a group of protesters on stage. While the moment was scary, most Americans did not see the ambush live, as ABC’s cameras cut away from the protesters.

A day after Lochte’s performance, former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor and conservative star Sadie Robertson appeared on “Fox & Friends” to express her sadness over the entire incident!

Unlike most in the media, Sadie refused to attack Lochte and instead remained positive saying that the incident on stage “literally broke my heart.”

From Fox News:

“I can’t imagine, it literally broke my heart when I saw that,” Robertson said on “FOX & Friends” Tuesday morning. “And I know a lot of people have not the nicest things to say about him, but at the end of the day he’s human you know, and we all mess up.”

She added, “Oh, it just makes me so sad [to] think about.”

While Lochte certainly caused national controversy after he fabricated an incident during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Robertson showed why millions of Americans adore her after she refused to further attack Lochte.

What do you think of Robertson’s tasteful and classy response to Lochte nearly being ambushed by protesters on “Dancing with the Stars?” Share your thoughts with us below!