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Sadie Robertson’s SCARY Halloween Dance Earned Cheers… But You’ll Never Believe What the Judges Did! (WATCH)

Sadie Robertson, who became famous on the Duck Dynasty reality star, put together a dance of Halloween wholesome fun for Dancing with the Stars. Watch (above) as she and her dance partners take part in an exciting – AND SCARY – zombie dance.

It’s clear from the introduction that both dancers were especially nervous about this dance, as it involved so many new motions and an entire team of stage dancers. But they got over their nerves and showed the audience just how incredibly talented they both are!

However, two of the judges were very harsh about the dance. They didn’t seem to be in the Halloween spirit.

Do you agree with the judges or did you LOVE Sadie Robertson’s dance? Please tell us your final verdict in the comments section below.

UPDATE: here is better video of the dancing portion…



  1. Michael says:

    Ever since this show started I have often thought to myself; who are these guys to judge dances, what credentials do they have to make them “experts” on the different categories? I quit watching a while back because almost ALL of the shows became hard to watch after the dancers put their hearts into their routines and then get CUT DOWN by four “judges”. The same thing happened here and I don’t think this show should go on as is because it is no longer entertaining.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think the judges are being unfair with Sadie and Mark they are holding what her grandpa said about gays against her so not fair.

  3. Kim says:

    I loved the dance. I think the judges were wrong and Sadie/Mark and Team Creepy were not going to win as stated by the judges (Derek has never lost), so it didn’t matter what they did. And I believe the judges are two-faced. Why does the scores never match what they say? I thought it was cool and stayed in tune with the Halloween theme. It’s much better than that switch idea they came up with. I also think the Team Creepy routine/choreography took a lot more time, effort and thought than Team Isty Bitsy. They all did the same thing….it takes some doing to get 4 different team to blend together but yet do their own thing. I think Team Creepy just plain out showed the others but…..Derek can not lose! I never used to watch DWTS and only started the last 2 years because there was someone on there I liked. This show reminds me why I didn’t start in the first place. It has nothing to do with dancing or improvement in dancing, it’s all a popularity contest!