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Watch What Happens When Bernie Sanders Is Asked A Question He HATES! EPIC!

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I love when Democrats are finally asked questions they are uncomfortable answering. I like to see them squirm and their facial reactions. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders joined my Wall of Fame for Stupidity when he stood up and walked out (in the video below) when he was asked a question about an exchange between his wife and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Liberals want their voices heard but want to shut down conservatives to express their point of view.

Just look at what is going on in Arizona right now. Get the wreckers and patty wagons out and haul them away.

From The Hill:

Sanders walks out of interview after tense exchange on Arpaio

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday cut short an interview after a tense exchange with a reporter about a meeting between his wife and controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“What Joe Arpaio is doing is an outrage,” Sanders told reporter Brahm Resnick during an interview with NBC’s local affiliate in Flagstaff, Ariz.

“My wife went to look at the so-called tent city, which is something that should not exist,” he added, referencing a jail operated by the Maricopa County sheriff that is fashioned from military tents.
“The fact that he crashed her meeting is, to me, very, very wrong, not something he should have done. Thank you very much.”

Sanders then stood up, removed his microphone and walked away, ending his discussion with Resnick at the Twin Arrows Casino on the Navajo Nation.

“Would you accept a spot as vice president?” Resnick asked as the Vermont senator walked off.

“[He’s] the first candidate who’s ever walked away,” Resnick said as it became clear Sanders was finished.

So while Bernie maybe “appalled” with convicted criminals being required to live in military tents, he apparently sees no problem with our brave men and women, serving in our nation’s military, being required to live in these very same military tents.  Apparently, in Bernie’s world, convicted criminals, serving prison sentences for violations of our laws, are to be treated better than our soldiers.

I wonder if Bernie carries around an old worn out copy of “Animal Farm?”

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Comments on “Watch What Happens When Bernie Sanders Is Asked A Question He HATES! EPIC!”

  1. George says:

    The reason the Democrats despise Bernie Sanders is because he exposes them for who they really are– Socialists. They use the term Democrat to fool the Independents.