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What This Little Boy Just Asked Santa For Will Leave You In Tears


A little boy in South Carolina recently visited Santa Clause at the local mall, as many boys do. But what he asked for from jolly ol’ St. Nick was anything but typical.

In an image going viral across the internet, 4-year-old Prestyn Barnette asked Santa to pray for a miracle to help a sick child he had learned about through his grandmother’s prayer group.

Santa, remembering that the true reason for the season is the gift that God gave us in the birth of Jesus, happily obliged.

The resulting moment, captured in a picture, is priceless (photo courtesy of WIS TV).


It is very reminiscent of this famous painting:


Via Fox News Insider:

A little boy made a selfless request when he met Santa at a South Carolina mall over the weekend, asking St. Nick to pray with him for a sick baby.

Four-year-old Prestyn Barnette asked Santa for a miracle for baby Knox Joseph, who is 2 months old and on life support in Las Vegas.

Knox’s father found him in his crib not breathing two weeks ago.

Prestyn learned about Knox through a prayer group his grandmother belongs to on Facebook, according to WIS.

A GoFundMe page set up for Baby Knox says, “We are praying for him to remain stable so that (bringing him) home is a possibility.”

If you have time, please visit the community page set up for baby Knox Joseph.

Comment: Sometimes it takes a child to remind us what Christmas is all about. What do you think of little Prestyn Barnette’s selfless request from Santa? Show him and Baby Knox some support in the comments below.