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Minutes After Trump Won Indiana, Sarah Palin Made This Video – AWESOME!

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Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin jumped on Twitter on Tuesday night, minutes after Donald Trump won the state of Indiana pushing Sen. Ted Cruz to make the announcement he was dropping out of the GOP Presidential race.

Her subject was UNITY. In my world I don’t believe that we need all of these #NeverTrump members to win the General Election. The past two elections show us that conservatives did not vote for John McCain/Sarah Palin in and 2008 or Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 2012. Palin gracefully made an attempt to bridge the divide of the political spectrum to join together to fight the Democratic nominee, which will likely be Hillary Clinton.

Here is Sarah’s video:

If it is God’s will Trump will be the next President. I am a religious man even though I don’t beat people over the head with it publicly. I pray the great people of America are not fooled by the corruption in Washington, DC running amuck. God willing “we the people” will be heard!

And there were a lot of mixed comments on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. Here are a few other responses:

I do not know what the future holds for the presidential race but I do know Trump will be a needed change away from the political system we have seen for years. Many of us are tired of watching paid representatives not do the job, and are not accountable for actions.

If there’s one thing Americans are tired of it’s Washingtonians in the political field lying to them without reason.

I am surprised Cruz dropped out. I had thought he was counting on a contested convention to win on the second ballot with his anti-Trump delegates. Perhaps he got the message that the Republican elites have become resigned to Trump being the nominee…or he was promised some lucrative position in the Party…who knows what backroom deals were reached…I am glad that apparently the voters will get the nominee they want and not some choice foisted on them by the “elites.”

Palin has been on the Trump train from the beginning. She knows what the people want and that makes her a very smart woman. Now we are being told Trump can’t win, yet all he does is win!

Here’s a secret, more Democrats will cross over to Trump than Republicans will cross over to Hillary Clinton by double digit numbers, mark my words and date this story.

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