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Sarah Palin Used Four Words To Destroy Anti-Trumpers

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I remember how the liberal media and members of the Democratic Party tried to label Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as not being smart enough to be elected as Vice President. We even had members on our side that didn’t defend her while others started ridiculing her like they were getting their cues from the Democrats. It was a shameful time and still is.

Palin endorsed Donald Trump a few months back and it was a great moment and a surprise. She had backed Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign to become Senator and now she decided to go another way for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Many Cruz supporters branded her a traitor, siding with the NY businessman, but I looked at her choice as one that made so much sense. She backs outsiders to destroy the DC establishment status quo and that’s what many Americans still want out of their candidates.

At the San Diego rally on Friday, Palin spiked the football on Trump’s reaching the 1,237 threshold and winning the GOP nomination. She called out the mainstream media and all detractors using four words and it was awesome!

From Newsmax:

Sarah Palin slammed the mainstream media and the political establishment on Friday, telling Donald Trump supporters in California they “want you all to feel stupid.”

“Stupid is some people are actually going to vote for the crooked one,” Palin said at the rally in San Diego, Politico reports. She was referring to Hillary Clinton via the “Crooked Hillary” nickname Trump has given her.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor, chastised those who doubted whether Trump could win the nomination race.

“And the media, you know, their head is still a-spinnin’,” Palin told the crowd at the San Diego Convention Center. “What you have tried to do to Donald Trump and to all of his supporters has only proven that we were right.

“Do you know how thoroughly distrusted you are, mainstream media?

“Well, he is now though, he is now we the people’s nominee. So suck it up, cupcake.”

She added that Trump “blew the lid off the corrupted and corroded machine.

“He was like a golden wrecking ball,” Palin said. “He wrecked what needed to be wrecked.

“They’re really freaked out now that we all came in and demolished their tight-knit tent.”

Palin is a very intelligent woman, she knows her politics, she is no butt kisser! Any woman who can wield a hunting rifle efficiently enough to bag large game for the dinner table is awesome in my book! Haters got hate! Try living in Alaska for awhile then you’ll really have something to be hating!

Governor Palin, when the history of this great movement is written years from now, your early support will be regarded as absolutely instrumental. Thank you for being a true Patriot and thanks for your service as a leader of the nation.

H/T: Newsmax, Youtube

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