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BREAKING: After Russia, Saudi Arabia Just Hacked The US!

Saudi Arabia

Someone remind me why we’re allied with Saudi Arabia again?

Look at a group like ISIS, Al Qaeda, The Taliban, and they all share the goal of implementing an Islamic State with Sharia as the law of the land. There’s already a place that exists: Saudi Arabia. They cut the hands off of thieves, carry out hundreds of beheadings a year, and stone women to death of adultary. They’re literally an Islamic State – or ISIS with oil, as I like to call them.

Saudi Arabia didn’t need any special favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department today when they announced that we’d be selling over $1 billion worth of tanks and weaponry to the nation. After the deal was approved, former Presidential candidate Rand Paul posted the following poll:

As you can imagine by the fact that 3/4 of voters picked yes that the poll was hijacked by Saudi Twitter users. Some of the replies they left were pretty disturbing.

The poll concluded with 52,525 votes; 73 percent voted “Yes,” and just 27 percent voted “No.”

Many popular Saudi accounts urged their followers to vote in the poll, which dramatically shifted the results.

There are hundreds of comments on the poll, in both Arabic and English, criticizing Senator Paul. The comments range from insulting Paul’s intelligence, to accusing the U.S. of causing ISIS. One user even accused the United States of being the “source of terrorists,” through its attacks on the Middle East.


They sound like a lovely bunch. Just as lovely as the crazies in Iran that Obama thought it would be a great ideal to sign a nuclear agreement with.

H/T Red Alert Politics

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