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Savage Is for Trump! Don’t Miss the Interview That DESTROYS All Other Interviews!


Donald Trump has yet another supporter it would seem – the wildly popular conservative talk show host, Michael Savage.

Savage interviewed Trump and praised him as “point-blank” the “best choice we have.” He noted Trump’s recent support from the legal Hispanic community.

The talk show host explained that “they (legal Hispanics) want a businessman to run the country so they can hold on to” the money they make.

He added, “They don’t want a socialist stealing their money.”

Savage also paid a tremendous compliment to Trump, comparing him to a legendary World War II-era leader.

Via WND:

One of the nation’s top radio talk-show hosts, Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation,” enthusiastically threw his considerable influence behind GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Wednesday, declaring: “I’m for Trump. Point-blank. Best choice we have.”

Savage also called him the “Winston Churchill of our time.”

You can listen to the interview below, which covers many interesting subjects.

During the interview, Trump covered a wide range of topics, calling it “inconceivable” for New York Democrat Chuck Schumer to not denounce the President’s Iranian nuclear deal, explained that his campaign won’t accept large donations because he doesn’t want to be beholden to anybody, and voiced support for voter ID laws.

“Something has to be done,” Trump explained. He argued that without an ID, someone could vote as many as 10 times.

Why? Because “who the hell is gonna know the difference?” he asked.

Trump also got in this excellent zinger about the worst President in the history of America:

Obama “is doing a terrible job, he’s been a terrible President. The person that likes him most I always say is Jimmy Carter, because Jimmy is now number two.”

Comment: Will an endorsement from Michael Savage help boost Trump’s campaign? What do you think of Michael Savage as a talk show host?