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Savage: Obama Is a Crazy, Narcissistic, Dictatorial Maniac

Michael Savage, a radio personality rarely known to withhold his opinion, attacked President Obama for his opposition to introducing new sanctions against Iran.

Explaining to his listeners that Obama has threatened to veto any such legislation, Savage labelled the President as “a crazy, narcissistic, dictatorial maniac.”

Yea, but tell us how you really feel.

Savage went on to claim that Obama is “owned” by Iran and that British Prime Minister David Cameron (whom he refers to as King George III) is dictating foreign policy to Americans.

Take a listen …

Here is a partial transcript of the audio, via Michael Savage:

Obama is a crazy, narcissistic, dictatorial maniac.

He has just threatened Congress — including most of the Democratic Party that’s still sane — that if they dare to place sanctions on Iran, he will veto the bill.

Guess who was standing beside him while he announced this?

None other than the reincarnation of King George III: British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Why is a British prime minister dictating policy to Americans?

Does anyone doubt that Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel by Iran?

Why does he insist Iran can be trusted?

Iran is the leading state sponsor of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

But Obama will veto any attempts to get them to halt their nuclear program, even though Iran has threatened to wipe America and Israel off the map.

Yes, other countries have nuclear weapons, but none of them are threatening genocide. Iran is.

Do you agree with Savage?  What other adjectives could you use to describe President Obama?


Comments on “Savage: Obama Is a Crazy, Narcissistic, Dictatorial Maniac”

  1. Pauline says:

    In a few months he will have overtaken us waiting one month to let him do what he wants is too much. We have to stand for our rights or this President is going to side us with the enemy,