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Savage: Obama Is Collapsing the Economy by Putting Lazy Bums on Welfare Programs


Radio host Michael Savage compared the United States under President Obama to the recent elections in Greece, where a radical communist party swept their way to an historic victory.

Savage warned that the party in power is very similar to the government under Obama – one which has made the people so dependent on social programs that they are unwilling and unable to part with them.

The results, Savage claims, will be “a worldwide depression.”

The radio host ripped Democrats as “morons and thieves,” creating welfare programs that cause “lazy bums” to collapse the world economy.

Via Savage:

They don’t want to pay anything for the benefits and social programs they’re getting, thanks to the Germans’ hard work.

Here in America, we’re actually at about the same economic level as Greece, but you wouldn’t know that.

This is where the Democrats are taking us.

History has shown us that no nation, no empire, is too large to escape the consequences when morons and thieves run their country.

The way to turn this around is obvious: We need to cut social programs dramatically, cut taxes, slash regulation and re-introduce the laissez-faire capitalism that made this country great.

But with so many lazy bums around the world not working, we are going to have a worldwide depression.

There is no way around this mess.

You cannot keep printing money the way Obama the communist does without eventually paying the piper.

Obama and the world banks are penalizing the productive and rewarding the parasites.

A recent CBO report seems to concur – “America‚Äôs unaffordable public programs and crushing debt will condemn us to anemic economic growth.”

Another report shows that over 109,000,000 Americans are receiving benefits from government programs.

Is Savage right – Are Obama’s generation of “lazy bums” leading us to a worldwide depression?