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When I Saw These Clouds, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…

According to the video Description, these are asperatus clouds from a recent storm in Lincoln, Nebraska which is going viral. The film was shot by Alex Schueth, a storm chaser.

Doesn’t it look like an ocean, or something from another galaxy? What an impressive sight!



  1. John A. says:

    What is an asperatus cloud something new?

  2. bret says:

    If I saw that in the sky, I would have in order:
    1) Marveled at such an amazing, awesome sight
    2) Found the nearest basement, storm cellar or similar type of place.
    3) Put on fresh, clean underwear and possibly a clean pair of trousers.

  3. Tod says:

    /Look up on YouTube ; ( Planet X Research Update 9/21/2014 )