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WATCH OUT! New Scam at Gas Stations Discovered NATIONWIDE

You’re just making a quick stop to get some gas.

You get out of your car with not a suspicion on your mind. As you’re putting in your credit card with your back turned to the car – a thief might be scheming as you’re distracted.

On the afternoon of September 26, security video captured two men arriving to a gas station in a silver 4-door Toyota Camry with dark tinted windows. They pulled up to the pump across from the victim’s car and waited for her to turn her back and pump gas. Once she looked away, they crouched down between the two vehicles, opened her driver-side door and quickly pulled out her handbag.

They were gone in a matter of seconds.


Watch the crime in action below. It’s over in an instant – and the woman didn’t suspect a thing.

And that’s hardly the only incident.

Lucky me – I live in New Jersey, where it’s illegal to pump your own gas.

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