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Scars Marred Her Face for Years After a Terrible Accident… But Look at Her Now!


Here’s a happy tale to end a week filled with sad stories of floods, city-violence, and, of course, more lurid details regarding the crime syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation.

The London Telegraph has the story of Bethan Hughes, who suffered terrible burns during a car fire which doctors originally believed would kill her.

But five years’-worth of surgeries have rebuilt her face. And now, thanks to special make-up provided by the Katie Piper Foundation, which offers make-up and expertise to heavily scarred people, Bethan can now walk the streets without people noticing her injuries.

Click on the video to see how the make-up can dramatically alter Bethan’s appearance, and be sure to read the whole story. Trust me, it’ll make you feel good about the world… until the next bunch of Clinton emails are released:

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