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Scary New Video on Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy – MUST WATCH!

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The Center for Security Policy released a frightening new video this week that highlights just how disastrous the Obama foreign policy legacy has been. Over the course of so many years and so, so many international diplomacy disasters, it can sometimes be hard to remember just how often the Obama foreign policy has put America at risk.

We remember the big ones: Iran and Benghazi, but there are other incidents that have fallen off the radar. Incidents in Iraq, Russia, and Ukraine also make the cut, and maps of the world highlight just how far reaching Obama’s bumbling foreign policy has been. As Americans are well aware, terror has come to our shores in Fort Hood, Boston, and elsewhere.

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The video splices news reels of breaking news, commentators and talking heads discussing security lapses, and poor diplomatic decisions in President Obama’s own words, where he has the nerve to pretend that our country is somehow safer and better off since he took office. Most Americans know better.


What do you think is the biggest danger to America from abroad? From within?