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School Hires PC “Consultants” to Police THIS Activity

There’s something going on in the school district of Edina, Minnesota, and it hasn’t been approved by the parents. Two elementary schools have decided that playing freely out on the playground is a big no-no and have hired “recess consultants” to monitor the children.

recess consultants

The point of these “lords of the playground” is to make sure that kids are playing safer and “more inclusive” with other children.

The non-profit company Playworks, was hired to “teach” the school children a more inclusive approach. Better yet, they watch the children’s every move and correct them when they are “wrong.”

Phrases such as “Hey, you’re out!” are to be replaced with “good job” and “nice try” to reduce bullying on the playground and make sure all students engage in activities, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Parents are not pleased. One such parent is Caroline Correia, who said her fourth-grade son Liam is not a fan of the adult intervention on the playground. “He feels like that’s not playing anymore,” Correia said.

Lee Blum, another parent, took to her blog to post about her son’s experience with Playworks.

“What it’s leaving these kids without is an opportunity to have time to grow into a problem solver, to deal the conflict, and to really have an opportunity to go out, bust out of those doors and be free, my son should have time to just go out and play, climb a tree if he wants to, play soccer, play hockey.”

recess consultants

The point of recess is to allow children 15 minutes of free time to express themselves without constant adult supervision, instruction, and intervention. This is where children learn valuable life skills, such as how to resolve conflicts, communicate, and forge friendships.

The name of the game for progressives is to create a name for something so if you were against it, you would look like the evil person that doesn’t want things to get better. It’s an old liberal game they plan that needs to be called out. Let kids be kids!

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