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Food Fight: School Superintendent Rips Michelle Obama’s Snack Policing

A school superintendent out of Georgia is ripping Michelle Obama’s latest federal law that bans school bake sales that involve sweets.

John Barge told WSB-TV that with a lack of teachers in the classroom, having to hire food police to monitor bake sales is, in a word – “Asinine.”

Via the report:

The Georgia State School superintendent is pushing back against a new federal requirement that bans sweets and “goodies” from being sold at school fundraising events, like bake sales.
The new federal restrictions only apply to on-campus bake sales and fundraisers held during school hours that sell highly fatty, or caloric sweets. It is part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s push for fitness and healthy classrooms.
“We don’t have enough teachers in our classrooms and now we are expected to hire some type of food police to monitor, whether we are having bake sales or not. That is just asinine,” said Dr. John Barge, Georgia State School superintendent.

Barge would also complain about the federal meddling in general, saying “What an overreach this is for Washington to tell us what our school can and cannot sell to raise money.”

Watch below…

One of the more interesting parts of the feature shows the reporter holding cookies and saying they can not be sold at bake sales, but apples could. Because, who doesn’t love a baked apple? Of course, had the apples actually been baked in say, a pie, they too would be banned.

States can create a federal exemption to the anti-goody ban, which would allow 30 such fundraisers per year for each school. For now, 30 states have not created such an exemption.

As The Political Insider reports, it’s not just school officials and parents that decry the new federal school lunch mandates. Kids are also in “full revolt.”

Already, local school boards are furious about the rules, as they are forced to offer lunches that students don’t want to buy, with cash-strapped schools wasting money trying to comply. In one place, the problem of unsold food was so bad that Michelle Obama’s lunches are being fed to farm pigs.

Numerous students tweeted their disgust with new vending machines in their schools, with one telling Michelle Obama to “let me live my own life.”

Sorry, that’s not what this administration is all about.

Cheer up though…  Have a carrot stick.