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What Was This School Thinking When It Made This Decision For Its Students; Parents Are Outraged!


As you know, I am a father to beautiful girls that are still in school, And if I were to come home from work to hear that their school performed an outrageous decision like this story, I would blow a gasket.

I don’t know what’s going on in our school systems today where they make these types of decisions without asking parents,. I mean this is beyond common sense. You don’t separate people by the color of their skin, and think that you’re helping the problem.

This school should have known it would cause a stir within the community. Check out this story from KATV:

Shortly after arriving at school Wednesday morning, an announcement over the public announcement system instructed black freshmen to go to the auditorium for an assembly. Arron Perkins says his sister was in math class.

“When I talked to her about it, she felt that it was very racist. Someone in the group asked, why are there no other kids except for African-American kids here,” said Perkins.

Local youth pastor Dante Shelton spoke to the students about gang violence and his personal story. According to the Pulaski County Special School District, it is part of “the district’s court-ordered desegregation efforts which encourage programs and opportunities tailored to minority students.”

The ACLU sent an email to the school in search of more information and questioning the assembly as a possible violation of student rights.

“This is 2016. All kids should understand and listen to what this reverend had to talk about which was probably all great information, but only to single out the black kids because they’re black,” said Perkins.

The school district informed KATV that programs like this happen all over the school district and are geared toward black students as a result of that desegregation order.


The people in charge, the grownups responsible for this idiotic decision, should be made to attend sensitivity training classes to see that their actions could have strong repercussions when these freshmen graduate and go off into the world.


After reading this story, let us know what you think about their decision to separate the students by the color of their skin. Drop your opinions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this story on your Facebook or Twitter timeline.