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Scientists’ Shocking Claim About Meat Has Vegans Furious!

Vegans love to chastise meat eaters as evil, unhealthy people who are going against human nature by consuming meat.

We’ve all known deep-down that this is bunk but now we have SCIENCE behind us.

Not only does science say eating meat is OK, it says that it helped us advance as a species!


Eating raw meat and making stone tools may be behind the smaller teeth and faces of humans compared with their ancient relatives.

Meat and tools, not the advent of cooking, was the trigger that freed early humans to develop a smaller chewing apparatus, a study suggests.

This in turn may have allowed other changes, such as improved speech and even shifts in the size of the brain.

The authors conclude that cooking became commonplace much later.

Prof Daniel Lieberman and Dr Katherine Zink from Harvard University have published their work in the journal Nature.

This takes the “paleo” diet to a whole new level!

The next time a vegan shames you over eating meat. Show them this study and say “what’s the matter? Do you not like being advanced and using tools?”

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