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Scientists Are So Excited About This New Species… Wait Until You See Why!


Here at Headline Politics, we try and bring you a steady diet of stories about our military, our veterans, and our crazy government. All good stuff.

But just occasionally, we find something so adorable that we can’t help but share.

Like the little fella above.

It’s okay, no matter how tough you are, you are allowed to say “ahhhhh” when we you see him.

Unbelievably, this cutie is not a character from Finding Nemo, it’s a real, living, breathing octopus.

And it’s part a new species, never before seen before¬†by humankind.¬† So savor that picture, because none of your ancestors ever got to see it.

Just seven inches long, this new kind of cephalopod (that’s the posh word for predatory mollusks) was discovered by scientists from Canada, who now have a small group of them living happily in a specialized tank at an aquarium in Monteray Bay.

Oh, and the new name for this new Octopus? That’s easy. Adorablis.

H/T: London Mail

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