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Scientists Claim To Find “Hell” And It Isn’t Where You’d Expect


What is Hell?
In Christianity, it is where those who don’t accept Jesus go to suffer for eternity.
Hollywood and myth have made “hell” into a place of fire and lava and suffering, though little of that is actually mentioned in the Bible.

As for a location, the implication (drawn from Greek myths, not the Bible) is that Hell is deep underground in the Earth’s core…

…Or is it?

Scientists claim to have found “Hell” and it isn’t where you’d expect.

Via The New York Post.

Hell has an address: 55 Cancri-e is the first alien planet to have some of its surface features directly observed. And it’s no tropical paradise.
What they found is a world of extremes.

The planet is tidal-locked, meaning one face is permanently pointing toward the star.
This face is a sea of molten lava, with a surface temperature of 2,400 degrees C (4,352 F).
The “dark side” is barely better.
It’s solid — but simmering at 1,100 C (2,012 F).

Here’s a photo:

Hardly a place you’d want to pay a visit, yes?

If that’s too far, you could always go to Hell, Michigan. Or even buy it!

Is this planet Hell or just a really frightening place?