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Scott Walker Just Made A HUGE Announcement About The Election!

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It’s official: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced he will speak at the GOP convention this summer in Cleveland, Ohio!

This is big news for Donald Trump. Governor Scott Walker is well respected with conservative voters. He’s beaten down the unions in his home state and been elected, re-elected, and re-elected again within a span of four years. Hey media, I thought Trump couldn’t get anyone to speak?

From Newsmax:

In a stunning about-face, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has agreed to speak at the Republican National Convention later this month, declaring that a vote for anyone other than Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump is a “de facto vote” for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Only two weeks ago, Walker told New York Magazine that delegates to the convention should be free to vote their conscience, and he became a key ally of the stop-Trump campaign that is attempting to unbind delegates at the convention if they feel a moral aversion to the candidate they’re supposed to support.

Walker acknowledged that his agreement to speak at the convention means he is rejecting the idea that Trump could be replaced as the GOP nominee.

“The bottom line is most delegates are headed down the path that I am, which is that it’s a clear contrast. It’s either gonna be Hillary Clinton or it’s gonna be Donald Trump, and we have to decide who we want it to be.”

That’s a true statement. I didn’t want to vote for John McCain and Mitt Romney (GOP establishment picks) but I did. It’s time these immature children fighting the Trump nomination get on the #TrumpTrain. The GOP you’ve supported for years is bankrupt.

Many remember Walker, who had previously endorsed Ted Cruz’s campaign last March, was not a supporter of Trump. Words have been flying around lately that he wasn’t going to participate in the convention, but it seems he’s had a change of heart.

It’s time for a #NewGOP, it’s time for Trump!

Are you excited Scott Walker is going to speak at the GOP convention? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think.