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Supreme Court to Rule On Transgender Bathrooms

SCOTUS bathroom

On Friday, the Supreme Court revealed that it will take on the latest fight in the culture wars, transgenderism.

At issue is whether a transgender student has a legal right to use the bathroom and shower of the gender they identify with, not the one they were born as.

The case before the court involves a high school student in Virginia known as “G.G.”, a biological girl who calls herself as a boy and dresses as a boy with the support of her mother.

From Breitbart:

They asked the teachers and the staff at student’s school in Gloucester County, Va., to call her by a boy’s name and allow her to use the boys’ facilities.

School officials tried to accommodate G.G., calling her by her preferred boy’s name. But they asked that she use the unisex bathroom in the nurse’s office rather than endorse her claimed right to use the boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms alongside biological boys and adult men.

The young girl alleges she felt “stigmatized” by using a unisex bathroom and demanded the right to use the boys’ bathroom and locker room. Eventually, the issue went to the school board, which “adopted the policy that everyone must either use the facilities matching their biological sex, or instead use a single-person unisex bathroom.”

The girl eventually sued, arguing that Title IX “requires schools to allow anyone to use whichever facilities they identify with.” The case will likely be heard by the Supreme Court in the spring of 2017, after the next president enters office.

How do you think the Supreme Court should rule in this case? Should transgender individuals be allowed to use the bathroom with the gender they identify with? Share your thoughts below! 


Comments on “Supreme Court to Rule On Transgender Bathrooms”

  1. Malissa says:

    This is just down right stupid for a FEMALE to use the boys bathroom. You get raped by a group of boys that call you retarded, then you want to press charges on them.When in fact, you put yourself in direct danger of it happening. You and your Mom are just STUPID! NOT THINKING IT THROUGH> Wait until you are out of school, it will be much easier on everybody!