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BUSTED! Towing Company Caught Scamming Drivers!

It goes without saying that some industries are sleazier than others.

One industry ripe with fraud is the towing industry. There are plenty of scammers out there, the most common being opportunists who patrol major highways and tune in to police alerts to learn about accidents and breakdowns. They appear to arrive just when you need them, you sign an authorization form, and then find you’ve been price gouged when you pay the bill after being towed.

In Texas, one towing company named Bexar Towing had a racket going where they’d camp right outside a place where people would commonly park illegally, boot their cars, and immediately tow them. Legally, there’s supposed to be a 24 hour gap between a car being booted and towed in Texas. They exploited the fact that the law isn’t common knowledge and charged them more. Some people who returned to their cars before they were towed were offered the opportunity to pay a “boot fee” to avoid towing – which is also illegal.

It’s as scummy as you’d imagine – and it’s satisfying watching them get OWNED by law enforcement below:

Yes – one of these geniuses actually parked illegally when towing someone for parking illegally.

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