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Is the Secret Service Endangering the President?


In the last several years, there have been several worrisome stories of the Secret Service going wild on overseas trips. In 2012, after a trip to Colombia to prepare for the President’s visit there, several Secret Service agents enlisted the services of local prostitutes. The White House and Secret Service assured the American public that the agency had been overhauled. Several worrisome aspects of the latest breach of White House grounds has made it clear that is not the case. Here are some aspects of the White House breach that will leave you scratching your head, and worried for the safety of the President:

The New York Times reports:

Secret Service officers stopped Omar Jose Gonzalez last month as he carried a hatchet in front of the White House, but let him go even though he had been arrested this summer in Virginia with a mini-arsenal of semiautomatic weapons, a sniper rifle and a map clearly marking the White House’s location.

In an editorial for the Washington Examiner Byron York asks,

Why Secret Service agents did not act more quickly when Gonzalez jumped the fence and began running toward the mansion[?] Why was no agent able to catch him outside? Why did agents not release the dogs that are trained to stop intruders? And why did agents not lock the White House door once the perimeter had been breached?

Those were human failures, not design shortcomings.

As usual the President is incapable of criticizing or penalizing anyone under his command. Like Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton, the Secret Service have received yet another pass for unacceptable, unprofessional and dangerous behavior. Is the President taking his own life or that of his family into his hands this time?



  1. Tom says:

    The only one I’m worried about is the family dog.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ll tell you this, when he starts to worry about our safety, I would consider worrying about his. Until then, he has done nothing to deserve any sympathy from this country.

  3. Eric says:

    man I hope so.