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You Have To See This Famous Singer Sing Trump Quotes (Hilarious!)


Is there anything better than a good Donald Trump quote, whether it be during contentious media interviews or when he unloads on Twitter?

iHeartRadio just may have stumbled onto something. Apparently a group of executives got together in a boardroom and said, ‘What does our station need right now?’ to which somebody blurted out, ‘Let’s combine a politician who always says the first thing on his mind with a rapper known for a song titled F*** You.’

And they all shook their heads in agreement!

Regardless, the iHeartRadio meeting brought us this hilarious and ‘Yuge!’ video of CeeLo singing Donald Trump quotes.

Via Mediaite:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is entertaining by himself, regardless of whether the Huffington Post decides to categorize him as such. So what could possibly make the most quotable pseudo politician at the moment even more entertaining? Getting rapper CeeLo Green to sing some of his more memorable quotes.

That’s precisely what iHeartRadio did ahead of CNBC’s disastrous Republican debate on Wednesday night, and when the show host announces this to Green, the look on his face is… Well he was definitely caught off guard, somewhat: “I was about to say politics.”

Green’s best effort was this Trump gem: “Sorry losers and haters but my I.Q. is one of the highest and you know I know it.”

Simply yuge!

Check out the segment below …

Comment: How did CeeLo handle the stunt? What are some other Trump quotes that really need to be turned into song? We’re thinking the Ballad of Rosie O’Donnell could be a major radio hit.  What can you come up with?

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