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Selfish Young Woman May Be the First Ever to Get Caught Driving Drunk This Way!


Back in the day before social media, you used to head to the bar, drink a few beers, maybe have a bit to eat, and then head home.

But today we are expected to use facebook, twitter, snapchat, and various other social media platforms to broadcast our daily experiences to our “adoring” followers.

And now one Florida woman has taken it to the next extreme. Poor Whitney Bell got herself rather drunk at the bar this week and then got behind the wheel of her car. Yeah, that’s not a good idea. But it got a whole lot worse for her when she used the online video app Periscope to take a video of herself slurring her words as she dodged traffic on the highway.

Her social media followers soon alerted the cops who caught up with Bell and detained her.

Sadly for the viewing public, the video Bell shot of herself has now been taken down, but be sure to check out this report for Fox News which covers the story:

What do you think of Bell’s recklessness? Let us know below: