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Semitrailer Carrying Piglets Overturns on the Highway! What Happens Next Is Pure CHAOS!

Talk about a great escape! Law enforcement in Ohio never expected to spend their Monday wrangling over two thousand piglets who managed to escape when the semitrailer transporting the piglets turned over, sending curly tails flying across the highway.

About 200-300 may have perished in the crash, and another 1,500 were apparently recaptured by firefighters, police, EMTs, and regular citizens, which means hundreds are currently roaming the streets of Xenia Township in Ohio.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 8.40.04 AM

Predictably, Twitter had a bit of fun with the news, which, despite its entertainment value, never made it on any of the cable networks.

Comment below: If you found one of the escaped piglets, would you keep it?